The way customers want to pay is changing…

·    Elavon provides you and your business with the tools to meet your customers’ needs—payment solutions to help attract and keep customers, process payments, and simplify your operations.

·         Protecting your business with secure solutions and an exceptional uptime service rate of 99.999%

·         Consistently rated among the top 5 global payment providers, and their robust, redundant processing platform and end-to-end advantage ensures commerce for merchants around the world.

·         Elavon in Canadian’s choice for Payment Processing.  They provide everything you need to accept debit and credit cards, preparing you for safe and secure point-of-sale transaction processing – at the lowest rates guaranteed.

Why POS?:

·         As POS is approaching the top pricing tiers in the industry they are now able and willing offer Merchants savings at unprecedented rates.

·         They aggressively using “the Cost Plus System” to offer Merchants deals at razor sharp margins, to explained their portfolio.

·         In the event of a query, POS offers added support and guidance for merchants that are either too busy or simply find it difficult to navigate around large call centers…In short, you receive all the benefits of using a “global” processor with the personal connection and comfort of dealing locally.

Why Now?:

·         Why should you use Elavon? Because they have been doing this for 25 years, and now have over 1 million success stories to back them up.

·         Why POS? With their final pricing tier in sight, POS now has a greater incentive to achieve their quotas volumes…Big incentives equals big deals for their merchants.