What is a side-by-side analyst report?

A report that uses your monthly statement (from your current Processor) to collect the actual transaction data to generate a precise side by side statement comparison.  Comparing what you actually paid with what you would have paid if Elavon had been your Processor during the same time period.  This report helps keep the focus on the most important issue…The bottom line cost.  

What Brand of Terminals do you offer?
Elavon offers the Ingenico Telium2 line, widely considered the best point-of-sale terminals available on the market for their durability, power, and user friendly functionality.  
What happens if the Banks Interchange rate (the Cost the Processor pays the bank) drops?

If the Banks Interchange rate drops, while your still using the MDR system the Processor get to keep the savings however if your using the “Cost-Plus” system will fees will automatedly drop to match the Banks discounts.  

If I switch to the Elavon Cost-Plus system, do I need to change Banks? If no, will we be charged extra for using our current Bank?
No, you will not be required to change any of your bank accounts or branches and there is know extra fee charged by Elavon for continuing to use your Bank.
How much has the average Merchant save, buy switching to POS Buying Group?
4 out 5 customers we compare are saving between 10-65%